We think we deliver great work for our clients and we could just tell you that, but to be honest it’s actually our clients themselves that are best placed to let you know what they think about working with us.

We believe there’s nothing better than word of mouth recommendations, which is why we record video testimonials with the clients we work with – text on it’s own just doesn’t really do the job, we want you to actually see and hear first hand, what our clients think about us.

So here they are, unscripted ‘genuine testimonials’ from a selection of our clients – all you need to do is just press play on the videos below.

Jennie Johnson, Founder & CEO of Kids Allowed

Snippets from this testimonial include:

“The videos really have delivered results… it’s a fantastic way of communicating.”

“We love working with Ten Horizon, we’ve used them again and again… and recommend them very, very highly.”


Sarah Messenger, Head of Workforce at the Local Government Association

Snippets from this testimonial include:

“I’d recommend Ten Horizon because they’re highly competent at what they do and they’re always willing to adapt to meet client needs.”

“In my experience they’ve always exceeded my expectations.”