Truthful Testimonial Video Featuring Designer Wallpaper Brand – the UK’s Graham & Brown

We popped into the funky HQ of designer wallpaper brand Graham & Brown recently to film a Truthful Testimonial video for our lovely client Fresh Perspective.

Based on our visit, we can definitely see why Graham & Brown are regularly listed as one of the UK’s officially ‘Cool Brands’ – their design and marketing centre in Blackburn may look fairly unassuming from the outside, but as soon as you step through the doors you’re greeted with colourful murals, elegant furniture, spiral staircases and a vibrant, creative frisson that reminds me of some of the swankiest ad agencies in London, where I first started out.

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Trust the Tea Cosy, So Says Billy Connolly

One of the profound (tounge-firmly-in-cheek) moments of this balmy summer 2013 popped into view this week on a Ten Horizon team road trip, when I spotted this great quote from his comedic majesty Billy Connolly – it makes me smile every time I look at it – as does he!

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We Don’t Do Uniforms at Ten Horizon, But We Do Do Rugby Shirts Every Four Years – Come On The British & Irish Lions

OK, so it’s that time of the sporting calendar again when the chaps in red rugby shirts head below the equator to try to win a rugby tour – yes the British & Irish Lions are back down-under facing off against the Wallabies.

It’s been 16 long years since the victorious tour to South Africa in 1997 – fingers crossed the wait ends on 6th July 2013, until then my uniform round the office will be this…

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Two Unusual Places to Find QR Codes

When on my travels, I often keep an eye out for the more unusual and innovative ways businesses and brands use social media and the latest tech trends, to promote their wares.

During the last month, I came across a couple of QR codes (A.K.A. ‘Quick Response’ codes) in unexpected places – both drink orientated.

The first was in a Subway restaurant, where I ordered a cup of tea and was given some of those plastic pots containing UHT milk (Yum!), atop of which was a QR code – as you can see in the photo on the right. I scanned the QR code with my free iPhone QR Reader app and it took me to the following web page, detailing product dietary advice and nutritional information – pretty neat!

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Paediatric First Aid Video Saves a Child’s Life Within 24 Hours of Being Published

We produce lots of video content for our clients, on all manor of subjects – but nothing we have done to date has had quite such a significant impact or made us as proud, as this Paediatric First Aid film we recently developed for award winning nursery group Kids Allowed. It literally helped a parent save the life of their 18 month old boy, the day after the video was published on YouTube.

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Launch of New Web TV Series for LGA Workforce Team

One of our oldest clients is the LGA (Local Government Association), Workforce Team. Over the years we’ve produced many podcasts for them, in both audio and video formats. The topics have ranged from interviews with key speakers at events, to capturing the excitement of staff awards and information pieces around specific topics.

Our latest work with them is a short TV style series of programmes, featuring two of their own team, Luann and Phil as the presenters. It’s not the first time that Luann and Phil have been in front of the camera, in fact we produced a 3-part podcast series for them in 2011 and as part of the preparation for that, we put them through an intensive one day media ‘presenters’ training course, so you could say they’re now old hands!

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How to Promote Social Media Profiles in Your Shop Window With a Little Personality

I was in the beautiful county of Cornwall not so long ago, revisiting some of my youthful haunts, as well as ‘big-boy’ camping for the first time – yes, we did indeed have a tent with carpet and a fridge?!

Anyway, on one of our days out, we took a leisurely stroll around the picturesque harbour in St Ives, where I spotted something in a shop window that grabbed my attention – a couple of hand made signs promoting the Twitter and Facebook profiles of a little fashion boutique called Ebb and Flow.

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