Truthful Testimonial Video Featuring Designer Wallpaper Brand – the UK’s Graham & Brown

We popped into the funky HQ of designer wallpaper brand Graham & Brown recently to film a Truthful Testimonial video for our lovely client Fresh Perspective.

Based on our visit, we can definitely see why Graham & Brown are regularly listed as one of the UK’s officially ‘Cool Brands‘ – their design and marketing centre in Blackburn may look fairly unassuming from the outside, but as soon as you step through the doors you’re greeted with colourful murals, elegant furniture, spiral staircases and a vibrant, creative frisson that reminds me of some of the swankiest ad agencies in London, where I first started out.

The people are also some of the nicest and smartest I think I’ve met and they make a mean brew too!

Check out the Truthful Testimonial below: