Paediatric First Aid Video Saves a Child’s Life Within 24 Hours of Being Published

We produce lots of video content for our clients, on all manor of subjects – but nothing we have done to date has had quite such a significant impact or made us as proud, as this Paediatric First Aid film we recently developed for award winning nursery group Kids Allowed. It literally helped a parent save the life of their 18 month old boy, the day after the video was published on YouTube.

The video was commissioned by Kids Allowed founder and CEO Jennie Johnson, to support the great work of Millie’s Trust – a charity dedicated to promoting the importance of paediatric first aid. It’s also to be used as a refresher training video for Kids Allowed staff as well as a valuable resource for parents.

The video was published on 14th February and promoted on the Facebook pages of both Kids Allowed and Millie’s Trust. Within 24 hours it had well over 1,500 views, one of whom was a lady called Kirra, who watched the film in the morning of 15th February. That afternoon the unthinkable happened; her 18 month old son started to choke on the top of a plastic container and because she had watched the paediatric first aid video, Kirra was able to apply the techniques demonstrated and help her son – who thank goodness was fine. You can read Kirra’s account of what happened in this moving message to Millie’s Trust.

Ask yourself this question – would you know what to do if your child, grand child, nephew, niece or friends children were choking or needed CPR? If your answer is no, please take just 15 minutes to watch this paediatric health and safety video.



  • Jackie Mcinnes

    This is fantastic the video was fantastic and Millies Trust is fantastic x. I am Millie’s grandma and I remember seeing Joe and Dan on the news when they started Millies Trust and she said: if one person comes to us years down the line and says you helped me savd a child, baby or normal person!!!!! Which she meant an adult!!!!! That setting up Millies Trust would have been worthwhile – but they have surpassed this already because they have had contact from at least 7/8 people saying they have saved their children because of Millies Trust – unbelievable!!!!! And this needs to be carried on now forever. I am so proud of Joanne, Dan and Millie moo xx love Jackie (grandma of Millie thompson) xxx

  • Jon Coulter

    Thanks so much for your comment Jackie – our hearts go out to you, Joanne, Dan and the rest of the family – you’re all doing an amazing job with Millie’s Trust – lots of parents are no doubt very much in your debt.

  • Joanne Thompson

    Hi, I am Joanne, Millie’s mum. Thank you so much for this article. We have actually had 14 people contact us since we started our campaign with the same results – one being in Australia.

    Thank you for your condolences.

    Joanne, Dan and Millie x

  • Jon Coulter

    Hi Joanne – 14 people, that’s fantastic to hear! It’s amazing how you and the rest of Millie’s wonderful team are helping save the lives of children around the world – you and Dan truly are, inspirational.

  • Susan Dunmore

    Thankyou for this refresher video I will direct the people I work with at a Preschool to it and show it at staff meetings if that’s okay. We try to have all our staff first aid trained but the cost is high when your a small setting and many do the training at there own cost and time. The courses provided by our council are difficult to get on all full up .
    Well presented video and to the point.

  • Jon Coulter

    Thanks for taking the time to comment Susan and for your positive feedback. Please feel free to use and share the video, the more we can make people aware of what to do if the worst happens, the better.